Garment Labels by Kylie and the Machine

Label your beautiful handmade garments with this awesome range of garment labels by Kylie and the Machine!
  • 'Perfectly Imperfect' Woven Labels
    Nobody's perfect and your handmade items can't always be perfect either, but the can be PERFECTLY IMPERFECT!
    NZ$ 8.90
  • 'TA-DA!' Woven Labels
    TA-DA! Look at this awesome garment you have finished!
    NZ$ 8.90
  • 'This is the Back' (End Fold) Woven Labels
    The new sidekick to the favourite THIS IS THE BACK Centre Fold Labels, THIS IS THE BACK End fold labels are suited for sewing on facings etc.
    NZ$ 8.90
  • 'YES I Made It' Woven Labels
    You know, that amazing feeling when someone compliments your handmade garment? “Yes I made it!” Or when you give a gift, sew one of these labels inside so they don’t have to ask, they will know you made it!
    NZ$ 8.90

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