Mending & Repair

Supplies for mending and repairing garments and other fabric items.
  • Assorted Gold Eye Needles
    For sewing & darning. 50 Pack.
    NZ$ 5.60
  • Clover Large Seam Ripper
    Clover seam ripper with easy to hold handle.
    Super sharp, makes cutting stitches a breeze!
    NZ$ 4.50
  • Bodkins
    For threading ribbons & elastic. 2 Pack.
    NZ$ 3.20
  • Darners Needles
    Suitable for darning. 10 Pack.
    NZ$ 2.90
  • Darning Braid Kit
    Darning thread kit includes many coloured threads, needles and needle threader.
    NZ$ 4.80
  • Fabric Comb
    Fabric comb with metal edge
    NZ$ 5.00
  • Iron On Patch
    Iron On Patch.
    Strong and easy to apply.
    2 pieces 10 x 15cm
    NZ$ 3.90
  • Iron on Patch - Denim
    Iron On Patch.
    Strong and easy to apply.
    2 pieces 10 x 15cm
    NZ$ 4.20
  • Pocket Repair
    Sew-In Pocket Repair.
    Easily replace pockets on pants and jackets with this handy sew-in pocket.
    NZ$ 4.90
  • Pocket Repair - Iron On
    Iron-On Pocket Repair.
    No more lost keys!
    Instant pocket repair for pants and jackets.
    NZ$ 4.60
  • Snag Repair Needle
    For repairing snags. 1 Pack.
    NZ$ 4.00
  • Basic Quick Unpick
    Coloured quick unpick with clear cap and safety ball.
    NZ$ 1.50 Each
  • Birch Collar Stays
    Flexible vinyl plastic collar stays can be cut and shaped with scissors. 3 sizes per pack. 14 stays per pack.
    NZ$ 2.90
  • Birch Non-Slip Fabric with Grip
    Prevent slips and falls with this sew-on non slip fabric. 27.9 x 48.2cm (11" x 19").
    NZ$ 4.70
  • Labelling Pen
    Write directly onto garment tags. No special labels required. Will not wash out.
    NZ$ 7.60
  • Name Label Kit
    Name Label Kit - Marking Pen and Iron-On Tape
    NZ$ 5.30
  • Name Label Tape
    3m of Iron-On Tape for labelling clothing.
    NZ$ 3.90
  • Rechargeable Lint Remover
    This lightweight lint remover from Triumph delivers a clean and professional finish every time
    NZ$ 28.50
  • Rit Powdered Fabric Dye
    Powdered Concentrate Fabric Dye.
    Dyes twice as much fabric as some other leading brands - on the stove or in the washing machine.
    One box will dye 1lb (450g) of dry fabric or 3yards (2.75m) of medium weight fabric.

    (Please note - these cannot be used on synthetic fabrics).

    For 100 years, customers have relied on Rit to rejuvenate old garments, change the colour of their clothing and accessories, coordinate home decor, hide laundry accidents and more!
    NZ$ 8.50
  • Rotating Lint Brush
    Rotating multi purpose brush from Sullivans removes stubborn lint and fluff
    NZ$ 8.50
  • Seam Ripper
    Seam Ripper with safty ball.
    Sharper, Smoother, longer life cutting blade.
    NZ$ 3.50 Each
  • Sewline Stain Maid
    Remove stains on the go!
    No Mess. No Spills. Non Toxic.
    Safe for all washables.
    Whites and colours.
    NZ$ 7.60

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