Mercury Dela 180

Mercury Dela 180
An impressive machine with an amazing number of features including upper and lower case lettering.
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Bonus: Includes hard cover (most machines in this price range come with a soft dust cover only) 

The Dela 180 is supplied by a Japanese Company who also supply other big brand name companies.

It has excellent quality control and attention to detail. You will love the auto-cutter which cuts your threads for you at the end of a seam, with a simple touch of the button, usually a very difficult feature to find in this price range!

A rediculously quiet machine, you'll be able to sqeeze in some sewing without waking sleeping kids, or sew in the living room while your partner watches TV without getting the evil eye from them (believe me, I've tried this!).

The body is solid and stable, with a die cast aluminium frame, with no noticable bouncing or reverberation. The stitch quality is excellent, smooth and reliable. The electronic system gives you complete control of your machine when stitching, down to individual stitches.

All the stitches are pre-programmed into the machine which automatically sets the optimal stitch length, stitch width, and upper tension for the stitch you have selected. However you can also easily customise these settings without accidentally going beyond the capabilities of the stitch.

With an amazing selection of embroidery stitches and a temporary memory you can combine any of the decorative stitches to make your own embroidery sequence. Or use the letters and sew entire words or phrases!


  • 210 Stitch Types (including those noted below)
  • Upper and Lowercase Letters
  • 48 Decorative Stitches
  • Blind Hemming Stitch
  • Scallop Stitches
  • Blanket Stitches
  • 9 Different Automatic 1-Step Buttonholes
  • Needle Up/Down Selector
  • Auto Spot Tack/Knot
  • Auto Thread Cutter (cuts top & bottom threads with the touch of a button) 
  • Slide Speed Control
  • Foot Controller
  • Start/ Stop Button
  • Auto Needle Threader
  • Auto Tension Setting
  • Automatic Bar-Tack and Darning 
  • Adjustable Stitch Length and Width 
  • Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure 
  • Adjustable Needle Position 
  • Disengage Feed-dog - For darning or free motion embroidery 
  • Top drop-in bobbin 
  • Max stitch length 5mm / width 7mm 
  • Max Speed ~ 800rpm 
  • Free Arm 
  • Sturdy Aluminium Frame 
  • Hard Cover 
  • LED light 


  • All Purpose Presser Foot
  • Satin Stitch Presser Foot
  • Overcasting Presser Foot
  • Quilting Bar
  • Zipper Presser Foot
  • Automatic 1-Step Buttonhole Presser Foot
  • Instruction Manual
  • Foot Controller
  • Spare Needles
  • Extra Bobbins
  • Seam Ripper
  • Screw Driver
  • Lint Brush
  • Thread Cap


The 2 year limited warranty covers the first year for parts and labour, and the second year for parts only.

Warranty excludes freight, misuse, user caused faults, and normal wear & tear. Please treat your machine with respect and learn how to use it (no guessing!), it is a complicated piece of machinary and there are things you can and cannot do with it.

We Repair, Service and Stock Parts for all machines that we sell. Please note that machines under warranty will need to be returned to our store in Petone for repairs.

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