Tailor's Chalk (Powdery)

Tailor's Chalk (Powdery)
Powdery chalk for marking fabrics. Available in red, green or yellow. Sold individually.
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Size: Measures approximately 50mm x 50mm x 50mm, and 3mm thick.

Colours: Available in green, red, white, yellow or blue.

Has a chalky powdery feel which us great for all types of fabrics, especially fine or slippery fabrics. We find that the powdery chalk is easier to use with lightweight and slippery fabrics than waxy chalk is, but it tends to brush off more easily so handle fabric as little as possible once chalked.

  • Always pre-test application and removal on a scrap of the fabric before using.
  • Do not iron or hot wash any mark before removal as the heat may set the mark permanently.
  • Remove by washing in cold water, brushing off or use a damp towel to gently remove.

NOTE: This chalk it very delicate and can break quite easily, we wrap these very well for transit but can't always guarantee that they will arrive in one piece.