Multi-Purpose Curve Ruler

Multi-Purpose Curve Ruler
For dressmaking and knitting.
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This sturdy clear perspex ruler would be a handy addition to your sewing or knitting kit.

  • 2-2.5mm thick perspex (approx).
  • Metric (cm) and Imperial (inch) measurements.
  • Buttonhole guides for accurate buttonhole placement.
  • Seam allowance slots at 1.5cm (5/8") and 2.5cm (1") for easy marking of seam allowance.
  • Guide for using the curve to draw armholes, hip curves, front and back necklines.
  • Use to create template for garment knitting.
  • Use for pattern alterations (change fit and/or style).
  • Use to round out sharp points and corners.
  • Curve measures 47cm (19").
  • Longest straight edge measures 30cm (12").
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