Brother Multi-Purpose Screwdriver

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Brother Multi-Purpose Screwdriver
Brother Multi-Purpose Screwdriver
The 'Swiss army knife' for sewing machines!
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The convenient tool is the 'Swiss army Knife' for sewing machines!

Perfect for changing needles, presser feet, or all those other little tasks that have you reaching for your tool box!

Position 1 - You can install/remove screw on presser feet, loosen/tighten the needle clamp screw. (compatable with all machines)

Position 2 - You can install/remove the needle plate. (Driver may not fit due to high restrictionson some models)

Position 3 - Can be positioned over the screw on the embroidery frame to tighten the screw after hooping fabric or when removing the fabric. (depends on the frame type, there may ne a space limitation for the driver)