Scan N Cut Draw

Scan N Cut Draw
ScanNCut Draw
Unlock the drawing potential of your ScanNCut!
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See It! Scan It! Draw It! Create It!

This is a great value bundle which brings together $124.70 worth of product, including everything you need to get drawing.  

Add your logo to packaging, personalise cards with professional lettering, or just get creative by drawing images on paper or fabric.


  • 1 x Low Tack Mat
  • 1 x Pen Holder
  • 2 x Erasable Pen Set
  • 2 x Colour Pen Sets

For use with CM110.

NOTE: Can be used with All ScanNCut Machines but CM110 is the only one that doesn't come with all or most of what is in the box.


  • 1 x Low Tack Mat - Low tack adhesive mat 12" x 12" (305mm x 305mm) Specially designed for delicate or thin paper like printer paper or vellum.
  • 1 x Pen Holder - For use with ScanNCut Pens.
  • 2 x Colour Pen Sets - Each set includes six craft pens with permanent ink, for drawing and tracing on paper or card. For use with ScanNCut pen holder.
  • 2 x Erasable Pen Sets - These pens are perfect for drawing seam allowances or creating other temporary markings on your fabric or card. The ink in the blue pen can be erased by water while the ink in the purple pen is designed to disappear within 2-14 days of application. For use with ScanNCut pen holder.
  • Scan N Cut - Colour Pen Set
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  • Scan N Cut Pen Holder
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  • Scan N Cut Universal Pen Holder
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  • Brother Scan N Cut SDX1200 -+ $70 CASHBACK!
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  • NEW! Brother Scan N Cut SDX1000
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