Bag Batting

Bag Batting
Extra Firm. Sold per meter.
NZ$ 23.90
Per Meter
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Brand: Matilda's Own

Structure: Batting Wadding

Weight: Heavy, firm and low loft

Width: 80cm

Composition: 100% Polyester

Colour: White

Polyester Bag Batting is the softest on the market, a very robust fibre and yet soft enough for the best projects.
Ideal for making bags, placemats and other high usage items.


  • Firm but easy to needle by hand or machine
  • Bended to prevent bearding
  • Low Allergy
  • Made in Australia from a unique blend of fibres to produce a very stable result
  • No resin, sprays or glues
  • Pre-washed and Pre-shrunk
  • Heat bended
  • Machine Washable

  • Magnetic Bag Clasp - Gold & Silver
    NZ$ 3.00 Per Set
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  • Bag Handles
    NZ$ 2.40 Each
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  • Magnetic Bag Clasp - Gold & Silver
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