100% Cotton Batting

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100% Cotton Batting
Quilt Batting, Light Weight, 254cm wide
NZ$ 31.90
Per Meter
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Weight: Light (Approx 100-110gsm)

Width: 254cm

Composition: 100% Cotton with Scrim*

Cosy cottong batting is lovely and soft, very light weight. Machine or hand quilt up to 10” apart


  • Machine wash quilts with a mild detergent or speciality quilt wash on a gentle cycle.
  • Machine spin on a medium to fast cycle to remove excess water
  • Allow to dry flat in the shade
  • For an antique look to your quilt, tumble dry on a warm cycle to cause batting to shrink


Pre wash wadding by hand only. Use cool water and mild detergent, soak for 15 minutes, squeeze out excess moisture by rolling in a dry towel. Dry naturally by lying flat. A shrinkage of 4% to 8% can be expected.

Pre-washing is advisable for a flat smooth finish to the quilt. If not pre-washed and pre-shrunk, a pretty antique/ruffled finish to the quilt will result
after washing.

*Scrim: A light layer or grid of woven fibres added to some cotton battings. It acts as a stabilizer and helps to hold them together while quilting.

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