Home Sewing Machine Needles - Embroidery GOLD

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Home Sewing Machine Needles - Embroidery GOLD
Titanium coated needles for machine embroidery. Fits most domestic sewing machines. System HAx1, 130/705H-ET, 5 pack.
NZ$ 15.90
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System: 130/705H-ET

Point: Embroidery

Quantity: 5 needles per pack (one size per pack)

Available Sizes:  90/14

The special Titanium Nitride ceramic coating improves needle wear resistance in high stitch count applications and penetration of coarse or densely woven materials. Has a slightly rounded point for embroidery on most fabrics. The enlarged eye accommodates special application threads.

Suitable for most brands and models of home sewing machines (check the system). If in doubt please check your manual or ask us.