Hump Jumper + Point Turner

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Hump Jumper + Point Turner
Eliminates skipped or uneven stitches on bulky seams.
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Keeps the presser foot horizontal, allowing for consistent stitching. Use this tool while hemming jeans or working with thick fabric or upholstery material.

Point Turner - Use one end to push out points on collars, lapels, cuffs, pockets and belts.

Hump Jumper - Put the Hump Jumper under the presser foot as you approach the large side seam of a pair of jeans. This levels the foot as you sew through all those layers. As you get through the "fat" part, set the needle into the fabric (needle down position) and switch the Hump Jumper to the front of the needle. Continue sewing until you get level again, in a "flatter" part of the hem.