Knifekut 10" Tailors Shears - SAVE $40!

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Knifekut 10
Damaged Packaging - SAVE $40

10" Tailors Shears
Forged Steel
Left or Right Handed
NZ$ 89.00
NZ$ 49.00
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Size: 10 Inch

Style: Right Handed or Left Handed

Keep them especially for cutting your fabrics - keep them away from paper, crafts and kitchen stuff!

The bent angle makes cutting fabrics a breeze and allows you to rest both the blades and the handle on the table as you cut (this protects your wrist from carrying the weight of the scissors and steadies your hand to help you cut straighter!).

Don't struggle on using your old blunt scissors, these dressmaking shears will make sewing so much more enjoyable!

At 10" (250mm) long, they are for efficient for cutting large amounts of fabric and are a better size for men or for women with average to large sized hands.

The finger hole is approximately 67 x 23mm. The thumb hole is approximately 39 x 27mm.