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Storage solutions for all your sewing notions!
  • Stack N Store Bobbin Tower
    Stack N Store Bobbin Tower
    Keeps your bobbins neatly organised!
    NZ$ 28.00 Each
  • Tulip Bobbin Clips
    Tulip Bobbin Clips
    Pack of 12 rubber bobbin clips
    NZ$ 24.00 Each
  • Hobby Holster
    A handy silicone holder for hot crafting tools while in use or for storing all your must need sewing tools close to hand.
    NZ$ 29.90
  • Sewing Tool Box
    This is the ultimate of sewing boxes, room for all your essential sewing supplies and more!
    NZ$ 28.00
  • Foam Bobbin Box
    Foam prevents birds' nests! Holds 28 regular sewing machine bobbins (not included).
    NZ$ 11.80 Each
  • Cantilevered Storage Box - Small
    Small storage/tool box for all those little sewing bits that get lost easily.
    NZ$ 9.50
  • DMC Floss Storage Box
    DMC brand storage box for keeping all your embroidery threads neat and tidy.
    NZ$ 12.00
  • Bobbin Storage Tube
    Keeps your bobbins neat, tidy and easily accessible. Holds 10 standard bobbins.
    NZ$ 2.50 Each
  • Bobbin Storage Tube - with Bobbins
    Keeps your bobbins neat, tidy and easily accessible. Includes 10 standard bobbins.
    NZ$ 8.00 Each
  • Sewing Machine Bobbin Box
    This sewing machine bobbin holder will keep your bobbins neat, tidy and easily accessible. The clear plastic allows you to easily see which bobbins are inside.
    NZ$ 8.30
  • Bobbin Holder
    Holds 30 Bobbins, keeps bobbins wound and tangle free.
    NZ$ 5.80
  • Machine Accessories Box
    Small Box to fit all your Sewing Machine Accessories!
    NZ$ 4.50
  • Sewing Machine Accessories Bag
    Soft plastic vinyl accessories bag.
    NZ$ 3.00 Each
  • Wooden Floss Bobbins
    Laser cut wooden bobbins for embroidery floss.
    NZ$ 1.50 Each
  • Sewing Machine Dust Cover
    Dust Cover - will fit most domestic sewing machines
    NZ$ 15.00
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